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Read a story or two, or share one from you. From bowel kits and giggles to 80s Jazzercise drag queens, we’re making the conversation on cancer screening and prevention a whole lot more ACON. Join us on The Blog.

  • The ABCs of HPV

    An A-to-Z guide on HPV (Human Papillomavirus) for LGBTQ+ folks! A - Anal Cancer: Most anal cancers are caused by HPV.[1] HPV can be transmitted via receptive anal sex.[2] Other types of anal play like using sex toys, fingering, fisting…
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  • An LGBTQ+ Guide to HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

    Embracing our health is an empowering and ongoing journey. Let’s shine a colourful spotlight on a little known but important STI that can affect us all: HPV. This 4 min read will take you on a quick dive into the…
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