Which cancers should I be screening for?

What’s My Age Again? Breaking Down Cancer Screening At Every Age

For most of us, ageing is not the most exciting topic (sorry to bring it up!), but when it comes to our health it’s an important milestone for certain health checks.

In Australia we have three cancer screening programs. They are for bowel, breast, and cervical cancer. Along with some other criteria, once you reach a certain age you will be eligible to participate in them.

In a nutshell,

Cancer screening saves lives. By finding cancer at an early stage through screening, there is a better chance that treatment will work and you will survive. It is also important to screen regularly as your body changes over time.

So do you know which programs you’re eligible for?

Our new In The Know toolkit can provide all the answers. In a few clicks, it will provide you with personalised advice on which programs you can participate in.

Sharing is caring. Try the toolkit and share it with your loved ones and friends. It’s important we take care of each other ♡

* If you’re masc-presenting and 50+ we recommend finding a gender-affirming doctor, who understands you, so you can discuss your personal risk of breast cancer and screening options.