Referral options for cancer screening

When it comes to cancer screening, we understand firsthand that it takes good experience to have a good experience. That’s why we work closely with some of the best there is when it comes to looking after the health of our communities.

Below are referral pathways to help you out with breast screening, bowel screening and cervical screening. As Can We grows, we will add more referral pathways to this page.

Breast screening

Book a breast screen

Breastscreen NSW

BreastScreen NSW is part of the national BreastScreen Australia program. This service aims to detect breast cancer early, before it has a chance to spread. Early detection of cancer increases the treatment options available and improves the chance of survival.



BreastScreen NSW is a service for  women (cis and trans). BreastScreen NSW is a service for women (cis and trans). If you are AFAB trans masc or non-binary we recommend talking to your GP about your personal risk and screening options. Click the link below to view TransHub’s Gender Affirming Doctor List.



Using your bowel cancer screening kit

Test Kit Helpline

If you have any questions or need any help using the bowel cancer screening kit, you can contact the Test Kit Helpline. They will talk you through it, step by step.

Open: 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday
(except public holidays)

CALL: 1800 930 998

National Cancer Screening Register

Contact the National Cancer Screening Register to update your contact details or if you have questions about either the National Bowel Cancer or National Cervical Screening Programs.

Open: 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday
(except public holidays)

CALL: 1800 627 701


Book a cervical screen

Check Out Clinic

Check OUT Clinic is ACON’s very own LGBTIQ+ sexual health clinic in Sydney, run in partnership with Family Planning NSW. The clinic is open to all LGBTIQ+ people. Our expert staff will take care of your Cervical Screening Test and any other sexual health needs, and our LGBTIQ+ peers will help make your visit a comfortable one.

We are sorry to announce that due to COVID-19, Check OUT: LGBTIQ+ Clinic will be closed until further notice. Please do not be concerned, this closure is only temporary, and we look forward to reopening again soon.

CALL: 02 9206 2000    

Other Clinics

Cervical Screening Tests can be performed by a variety of healthcare providers – you don’t need to visit a gynaecologist or specialist to get it done. GPs and nurses can perform the test, so you can go to your regular doctor or a medical centre. Click the link below to view TransHub’s Gender Affirming Doctor List.