What Are The Benefits Of Quitting Smoking?

There are no right or wrong reasons to want to give up smoking cigarettes. We know quitting isn’t easy, but each time you give it a chance, you’re one step closer to giving up cigarettes for good.  

So, the good news? There is so much to be gained! It will be the best decision you ever make and if you stay on track, there are a range of things you’ll have to look forward to.  

So, can we tell you about some of the advantages of giving up smoking?

Feel better

Quitting smoking will improve your well-being and mental health.  

  • A better mood: On average, people who quit smoking experience a 40% increase in positive emotions.  
  • Reduced stress: you’re more likely to reduce your stress levels because you’re not going through constant cycles of nicotine withdrawal and cravings. 

Reduce your risk of cancer

When you quit smoking, you reduce the risk of developing 16 types of cancer. These include lung, throat, mouth, oesophageal, stomach, bowel, bladder, breast, pancreatic and cervical cancer.  

Within 5 years of quitting, the risk of developing cervical cancer is the same as someone who has never smoked.  

But there’s more good news! Ten years after you quit, your risk of lung cancer is less than half that of someone who continues to smoke cigarettes.  

Improve your health

Quitting smoking will improve your physical health. Some of the health benefits you’ll have to look forward to include: 

  • Less coughing: You’ll notice an improvement in your breathing and will cough less frequently.  
  • Exercise will be more fun: Because of the improvements in your airways and circulation, you’ll be able to handle exercise much better than while you were smoking! 
  • Reduced risk of stroke: Five years after quitting cigarettes your risk of stroke will have significantly reduced.  
  • Reduced risk of heart disease: 15 years after quitting smoking, your risk of heart disease is around the same as someone who’s never smoked.  

Look better


Hell yeah! Quitting smoking kickstarts your body’s own natural makeover. Giving up cigarettes leads to healthier-looking skin, including a lower chance of acne and psoriasis. Your teeth will also see a pick me up. They may look whiter, and there’s much less chance that you’ll lose them than if you continue to smoke. Your breath will also smell better! 

Just three months after quitting, any tobacco stains on your fingers will begin to fade. You’ll be able to get those claws out in full display, fearlessly! 

Better sex

People who give up smoking report stronger libido and more stamina in general during the act. We told you exercise would be more fun! 

Remember we said quitting smoking improves circulation? So if you have a penis, that means faster and harder erections too.  

Save money 

Um, did anyone say cha-ching? That’s right, we did. Quit smoking and you’ll save serious money. Let’s say you’re a pack-a-day smoker and spend $42 on cigarettes a day. Here’s how much you can expect to save, and what you could spend it on: 

  • $294 per week: World Pride Mardi Gras Party ticket, date night at a restaurant, that air fryer you’ve been eyeing, a couple of Jo Malone scented candles or pole dancing classes you’ve been wanting to do
  • $1,176 per month: Removalist to move in (after that successful date night), upgrade your phone, a yoga retreat in the Blue Mountains, personal training sessions to help create the new you, or a long weekend getaway in the bush (no pun intended)
  • $15,288 per year: Holiday to the Greek Islands, pay off your credit card balance or boost your superannuation
  • $76,440 in 5 years: A new car, pay off your HECS or start a new degree
  • $152,880 in 10 years: A deposit on a new unit or paying off a big chunk of your mortgage.

That’s right, you could be enjoying some of these perks instead of a pack! 

Enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking and live well

Why should you quit smoking? Well, you could enjoy all the benefits we’ve just talked about if you give stopping smoking a chance. Smoking is like your difficult ex. Everything they promised can be yours, but you’ll have to break up with them to get it. And it’s only once that relationship has ended, that you’ll realise how much they were holding you back.  

All of our journeys are different. So, can we help you on your quitting journey? Find resources, tips and strategies to help you make this quitting attempt the one here