Share Your Story on CAN WE.

Join CAN WE’s conversation with the LGBTQ+ community about cancer.

Sharing stories helps us foster connection, learn, and start conversations. The LGBTQ+ community are at greater risk of cancer than the general population due to higher rates of lifestyle factors, such as drinking and smoking, and lower participation in cancer screening. Cancer services are not always LGBTQ+ inclusive, affecting treatment and support options. If you have a personal experience of cancer you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

CAN WE is a space that values and celebrates queer voices, and your narrative can contribute to creating knowledge-sharing and connection through storytelling. By talking about your experience, your voice has the potential to bring comfort, encouragement and new perspectives to those who may be facing similar challenges in their lives.

Tap into your inner wordsmith, your locked-away tales could be the key to comforting, inspiring, or just giving someone a good ol’ belly laugh.

Tell us your story in your own words and please upload some photo options to be used to accompany the story. Your responses may be turned into a profile about you and shared on the CAN WE Instagram and Facebook accounts.

We will be in touch to say hello and thank you and to clarify any details we need, before publishing your story.

Because of the nature of the topics and the capacity of our small team, unfortunately, we cannot promise every story will be published.

Note: Please do not share personal health data with us.